No power without headwind.

No power without headwind.

Here to stay.
Here to stay.
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Our mission, is the

future of all

“Our vision is to provide everyone with affordable and easy access to the best climate technologies.”

The first phase of the renewable energy and mobility transition has produced technologies that are already cheaper and better than any alternative before them – they will fundamentally and permanently change our lives. However, the mere existence of these technologies does not simultaneously ensure the necessary, timely access to them for everyone. That's exactly what we at 1KOMMA5° aim to change.

Because it has long been clear that the installation, service and operation of millions of decentralized technologies has become a problem – especially in view of the associated costs and the speed at which we should actually be driving the transformation of the economy and society. At 1KOMMA5°, we are tackling this problem by taking a stake in the best companies in this field – thus enabling the founders, management and their teams to flourish in the best possible way.

Through this we can create better, simpler and more scalable processes, as well as enable lower costs for the end user – while boosting the roll-out speed needed to reach the 1.5 degree target before 2035.

If you are or want to become such an entrepreneur - and your business is focused on selling, installing and operating solar applications, energy storage or charging infrastructures for electromobility - then we definitely want to get to know you.

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