Making the energy transition possible.

1KOMMA5° is building Germany’s largest one-stop-shop for sale, installation and services related to solar, electricity storage and charging infrastructure.

The endgame has begun.

In less than 6 years, the global CO₂ budget will be used up and the Earth will become 1.5°C warmer.















The ecological and economic consequences of this development are already being felt today. It is high time to turn risks into opportunities and leave behind a place worth living in for the generations to come.

Who we are

Family of entrepreneurs,

managers and experts

We are a family of entrepreneurs, executives, investors, product and digital experts who have worked for some of the most successful green technology companies of our time.

Our goal at 1KOMMA5° is to create the central platform for Europe that enables everyone to get easy access to better, cheaper installations and service offerings for climate technologies. There may no longer be a shortage of renewable energy and innovative smart climate technologies nowadays, but we certainly face a shortage of available and scalable installation capacities - which are necessary to reach the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement in time.


We are not

conventional investort

What sets us apart from conventional financial investors is that we know the challenges of "making" and developing successful ventures first-hand.

At 1KOMMA5°, we are offering our combined operational experience fully and exclusively to selected companies and founders. We lend a hand and support our entrepreneurs with individual measures in addition to an equity investment and growth financing in order to jointly achieve and exceed company goals in the business fields of solar, energy storage and charging infrastructure.

Our hands-on approach is also supported by our employee ownership program, which ensures true alignment of interests for all parties, so that everyone participates equally in the opportunities of 1KOMMA5°.

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