Hit the CO2-neutral
road Jack!

Imagine that, with the 1KOMMA5° Mobility Bonus it is possible for the first time to include polluters in the costs of the change to a climate-neutral world.

Available from
Q1 2022

Let oil companies

pay for you ride

The Mobility Bonus offers you a free ride of up to 5,000 km per year. We supply you with free electricity, which you can use to enjoy a clean ride at the expense of the mineral oil companies.

The financing is achieved through the GHG quota. When you charge your car, a tradable certificate is generated. We bundle the certificates of thousands and sell them to oil companies.

Our clean electricity from renewable energies not only drives your car, but also provides you with energy for all of your electricity consumers — clean and at a fair price.


How the GHG quota gives

away free electric milage

Since 2007 the greenhouse gas reduction quota — or simply GHG quota — has been regulating the reduction of climate-damaging gases caused by fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. Simply adding biofuels in order to not exceed quotas can help somewhat but is by no means sufficient — so that additional quota quantities have to be purchased.

For example, big oil companies can buy extra quota quantities from third parties. From 2022 on, the commitment of electric vehicle users and their CO2 savings will be made certifiable by the Federal Environment Agency and thus can be traded within the framework of the GHG quota.

This is where 1KOMMA5° comes into play. We collect and bundle the claims of many electric cars users and organise their certification for the GHG quota with the Federal Environment Agency. This we sell to the big oil companies. The proceeds of which then flow back to our customers — in the form of free, clean electricity.


Get the Mobility Bonus — it's as

easy as stacking building blocks

As the owner of an electric vehicles simply scan and upload your vehicle registration (registration certificate part II) to 1KOMMA5° and make 1KOMMA5° your energy supplier. We'll take care of switching your contract from your existing supplier to us, the 1KOMMA5° Mobility Bonus will then be deducted directly from your electricity bill.

Reserve now, we will notify you as soon as the product is available for you.


Start your CO2-neutral

life today

We are looking forward to your project. With a nationwide network of electrical installers in Germany, you can get to work right away. So, let's get started together to make your home carbon neutral.
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