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neutral life today

Our nationwide network of electrical installers will quickly help you to achieve energy independence from conventional energy providers. Talk to us about how to get started.


Avoiding CO2

is our business

The endgame has begun

In less than 6 years the global CO₂ allowance will have been depleted and the earth will warm up by 1.5 ° C. That may not sound dramatic, but it is. We are feeling the ecological and economic consequences of this development already today.















It is high time to turn risks into opportunities and to leave a place worth living in for us and the generations that follow us.


Many roads lead

to a climate neutral life



Mobility Bonus

1KOMMA5° is the first company in Germany to offers all owners of electric vehicles free electricity — which we refinance through trading with so-called GHG quotas. Depending on the electricity price in your area, you will receive free electricity for driving up to 5,000 km per year.

This is quite remarkable because for the first time, those who pollute our climate — e.g., mineral oil companies — are financing your switch to clean mobility free of fossil fuels. 1KOMMA5° will handle the processing of the transactions for these pollution rights, so that you can relax and enjoy a CO2-neutral life.

Register now for your Mobility Bonus. Our new tariff is expected to be available nationwide from the first quarter of 2022.


Why we do

what we do

We are a like-minded group of entrepreneurs, managers, investors, product and digital experts who have worked for the most successful green tech companies in the world.

The objective at 1KOMMA5° is to enable you to lead a self-determined and CO2-neutral life. We absolutely refuse to surrender to the inactivity and impotence of politics. Instead, we believe in the power of action. That's why we put all our energy, experience and money into building the largest platform in Europe, which enables us all to live a cheaper and, above all, CO2-neutral life. It's all about one thing: To achieve the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement in time — at least within our own four walls.


Start your CO2-neutral

life today

We are looking forward to your project. With a nationwide network of electrical installers in Germany, you can get to work right away. So, let's get started together to make your home carbon neutral.
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